Greening Your World

Do you love nature? Do you want to bring a bit of it home in a new way? Consider turning a trunk into an indoor green space. 

From cleaning the air we breathe to bringing life into an otherwise stagnant space, lush greenery and beautiful blooms add a finishing touch to any home or office decor. When it comes to displaying your plants, there’s only so much variety you can find in traditional pots, so mix it up by choosing a unique display space for your flora; select a trunk to use as a sort of indoor planter.

Start by choosing a trunk that fits your taste and the size of plant or plants you prefer, from the wide variety of sizes and styles available. Choose a larger trunk for taller floor-based displays, or select a small trunk for use on a table or desktop or for use with smaller plants.

Next, purchase traditional pots and drain dishes of your choice, sized to nest together in your trunk. Since they will be largely out of sight, you can choose inexpensive plastic or terracotta pots without worrying about what they look like. The pots should ideally be an inch or two shorter than the walls of the trunk, and the plants should extend up and over the walls for the most attractive display. 

For added protection from water for both your trunk and your flooring and furnishings, consider lining the interior of the trunk body with heavy plastic before actually adding your plants. Then, transfer the plants into their pots, and place their pots, with their draining dishes, into the trunk.

Situate a large trunk facing away from a wall, with the trunk lid open behind the plants and supported by the wall, if necessary. If you chose a small trunk, consider removing the lid to make the display more sturdy, and attractive from all angles.

You will soon discover that it is possible to add life and style to your home or office, with just a trunk, some plants, and a little bit of imagination.

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