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A true gentleman knows how to dress properly. A true gentleman also knows that putting on a suit and pants that were tossed onto a chair a night before is not the way to go.

The solution? Valet Stands. Those are the ultimate in practical clothes storage. A typical valet stand features a hanger-like design to store your suit or jacket upright, and a trouser bar that keeps your slacks neatly folded over in half, to maintain that perfect crease.

Additional features of a valet stand may include a small accessory tray, which an especially convenient place for your cellphone, keys, wallet, and other small belongings. Another classic feature which is often found is little hooks, useful for hanging neckties and belts.

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Extra Tall Espresso Wooden Valet Stand-54 in. Tall



  • Measurements: 17″ W x 12″ D x 54″ H
  • Extra tall valet stand fits long coats
  • Fitted hanger keeps suit jacket hanging straight and shoulders square
  • Large tray holds phone, wallet, keys, and other accessories.
  • Easy to assemble


    Hang your suit, tie and belt on this men’s wood valet rack, and prepare for your day with no hassles. The valet stand is taller than most valets, so you can easily hang up even a long coat. A large round tray holds your wallet, phone, change, and accessories, ideal for emptying your pockets. The rack rests on a solid wood base for stability. Measurements include: Valet stand: 54″ High; Suit Hanger: 17.5″ Wide; Tray: 13.75″ Wide x 9.25″ Deep; Base: 15.5″ Wide x 12″ Deep.

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